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Home Evaluetion Pros in yarraville on a good block of land with a north-facing backyard andhe's like okay. Melbourne Property Valuers I'm going to earn a crustfrom selling his house but you're madyou should keep it but he wants to sellit but um it's interesting that he hadsuch her that's where we go I always goon what's next right well the next oneis now we're down to bricks and mortarso there's there's a risk around theactual property yeah but a lot of themcan be mitigated qualities the first onefor me is poor asset selection you heardus live drum on on that is all the timethat that's I mean if that's new toanyone here just rewind so hard sothat's that's but that's that'scontrollable yes um but the other one iscontrol risks and we have talked aboutthis before on the podcast but air iswhere things happen to your propertythat are outside of your control yeah sosome of the cases can be examples bodycorporates so you're buying into a bodycorporate now usually you don't know howmany owners are on the body corporatebut imagine if you bought into a bodycorporate property and there were sixproperties and as you bought one ofthose properties you found out thatsomeone owned four of the others so allof a sudden the body corporate votingrights and not in your favor you are aminority operator inside that bodycorporate so if that person who ownsfour wants a new roof wants all thesethings done it's very difficult for youto counteract that and so all of asudden this control risk can also bepart of that play where what's going tohappen here is you're going to bechallenged around special levies andtheir extra costs so all that returnthat you thought you're going to be ableto receive can be chewed up inadditional expenses so it's reallyimportant again when we're looking atthe actual property.

Valuations might do for the listeners I'vegot this little diagram where Valuations QLD I've drawnand this sort of our seesaw and you knowit's sort of and there's obviouslyprocrastination and then there's greedand so i might just speak to that on alittle video and we'll put that up onnobody on the website just about itbecause that that is the beautiful partof our protein present you can actuallyyou can increase your returns byleverage as long a magnification so fortoo long you get your cash flows and allthat done but there's still that elementto go run to greed and you can go toohard at it and but if you build yourknowledge up that knowledge doesn'tnecessarily mean gris it just meansexecution confidence and supportfundamentals as opposed to thatprocrastination point so good one yeahthey have it listeners the propertycouch condo no use check by that thenext couple of weeks there'll be a videoup there the pens going to talk aboutthat very thing and I want to talk aboutadrenaline versus boring Oh hotel Ireckon that a lot of people want to gettheir kicks out of real estate here andI reckon the.

The Five Pillars is a new and FREE multiplayer online game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic world.

The Five Pillars is multilingual, which means you can play it in your language, but still together with other players from all over the world.

Playing the role of a powerful mage with your own kingdom, you get the chance to rule the world without thinking of the consequences. Expand your kingdom by invading other domains! Tear apart their armies with your spells and items! Utilize arcane magic to enhance your kingdom or to lay waste on your enemy's! By creating the most powerful army, you can be the one true dominating force on the planet.

By choosing what force you will join, you'll get the ability to destroy everyone and everything that gets in your way to the top. a bathroom and full rent for Xdollars because we've done it beforehand if I do that a possibly a plus Bequals C List of Brisbane Property Valuers you know it's a profit so yeahand againStill you have to remember that nothing is what it seems to be, you can't always survive alone, you need to ally with others to face the ultimate opposition. Everyone wants to be the best, but no one wants it to be you.

Got IRC? #fivepillars or #t5phelp at galaxynet is the place to be!

Visit our incredible artist Kirsi Salonen!

Imposiedon your property so you only do this with established inner suburbs www.westcoastvaluers.com.au in Melbourne and in fact which is aneconomic downturn properly done actuallydevalue what actually happens is morepeople because there's less security andthere's more negative consumer sentimentthey tend to buy cheaper propertiesdon't overextend themselves during lifeduring economic booms you know so whathappens is you got a couple and the jobis kind of secure but anythinghappen if you need to upgrade anotherupgrade and stretch themselves they'rejust going to upgrade a lever bufferthat's what happens to the median priceyou actually shifts it doesn't actuallydrop in value when do you do this you doit really when there's an emotional peakof the property market so what you do isan investor you start thinking aboutthis that you're doing counter-cyclicalinvesting you're locking in your linesof credit at the piece of the market andyou're buying properties at the bottomof the market because.

it's it's those types ofsentiment drivers that that moveowner-occupiers and as investorsremember www.sydneypropertyvaluation.com.au we've always said the owneroccupiers they're the ones who controlthe marketplace and and I don't want tobe in a marketplace like like it is inSydney where almost one in two buyers orinvestors you know that just says to meone we're also going to have anoversupply of rental accommodation andwhen investors aren't doing well orthey're not renting their propertieswhat are they going to do they're goingto drop their rents so yields are goingto fall so again we're beingconservative there's still some growthin Sydney but we would like to thinkthat if you get that growth now youcould be giving that back and we'vetalked about sort of effectively sayingthat in probably to might bebetter buying in Sydney and what we'reseeing today so folks so there you haveit we really want to be buyingcounter-cyclical just for clarity wehave no problem with a Sydney propertymarket whatsoever long-term we love itSydney is a world stage to the tophundred cities as measured by populationso we're not talking about Sydney we'retalking about timing and